Traditional Recipes

Despite the several acclaimed eateries found over the island, Icelandic cooking has a terrible notoriety for exceptional—some may state, disturbing—nourishment. (As evidence of that point, see our article The Viking Month of Thorri and Traditional Icelandic Food).

Be that as it may, Icelandic meat soup, known as Kjötsúpa, is a most loved of local people and guests alike, warming the spirit with its thick vegetables, steaming stock and a luscious assortment of meats.While every family has their very own assortment of the formula, the soup is customarily expended at dinnertime amid the winter.

See underneath for the important fixings and directions to make your very own Icelandic meat soup this winter.1 kg sheep – uncommon soup meat which can be obtained in stores, or sheep on the bone.

1.8 Liters of Water

1-2 tablespoons of soup herbs (a blend of dried parsnip, carrots and leek which can be purchased in stores, or arranged new).

  • ½ onion, slashed
  • 1/2 dl rice
  • 500 g rutabaga/swedes, diced
  • 500 g potatoes, stripped and diced
  • 250 g carrots
  • 100 g white cabbage

Salt and Pepper

First of all, take the fat from the meat before setting it in a pot of virus water. Next, you convey the water to the bubble, at that point blend in your salt, soup herbs, onion and rice. This invention is left to bubble for around forty minutes.While pausing, strip the swedes/rutabaga and potatoes, take your carrots, at that point dice as needs be. Toss your diced vegetables in the pot for an additional 15 minutes, absorbing that flavorful, healthy smell.

In the event that you might want to include cabbage, cut it into thin cuts and place in the juices for 5 minutes or something like that, or until the point when every one of the vegetables are delicate. For included taste, try to include salt and pepper.

When you have at long last arranged your Icelandic meat soup, plate your sustenance and serve to your salivating visitors. In the event that you would prefer to eat your dish the following day, the meat soup is similarly as flavorful served cold.

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