Summer Special Recipes

Summer Special Recipes

Summer is the season of very long days that seem to stretch on, making us all dream about pool parties in cold places. Lovely Summer also brings with it the opportunity to make use of numerous seasonal vegetables that have a wealth of nutrition and taste. Cooking enthusiasts and chefs love summer for the treasure trove of tastes and flavors to experiment with. From summer melons to berries and delicious summer vegetables, summer fruits,  food enthusiasts have a lot to work with when it comes to cooking. Indians have a very long history of cooking summer vegetables like brinjals, bottle gourd, cucumbers, pumpkin, etc. From curries to dry raitas, drinks, summer vegetables can be consumed in a number of different ways.

This summer, we are celebrating the nutritious range of vegetables that are available to us in the Indian subcontinent. Following is an all list of recipes with popular Indian summer vegetables as the stars of the dishes. Lauki ki yakhni is a recipe where the healthy bottle gourd is elevating in taste by cooking it in yummy curd gravy. Bhindi is another summer vegetable that Indians too love to cook with and the given recipe combines the cooling effects of curd with the nutrition of bhindi.

Summer top best and Special Recipes:

6 recipes celebrating desi summer vegetables-

1. Lauki Ki Yakhni

 Lauki Ki Yakhni recipe will rescue your taste buds from monotony. The added creamy goodness of curd and the flavors of a range of spices including fennel seeds, cardamom and etc. makes this dish truly unique and one that can fit a very simple weekday dinner or a best festive weekend house party.

2. Khatta Meetha Kaddu

Pumpkin is lowly in calories and rich in a slew of minerals, vitamins and essential nutrients like fiber,  vitamin A, potassium, etc.  Khatta Meetha Kaddu recipe adds the sweet sourness of tamarind pulp, along with spices like cumin, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, etc. This one is a delightful vegetarian preparation that will liven up your summer best meals.

3. Pulissery

milk is India’s preferred drink to very cool down with during summers. Pulissery recipe combines cucumbers with buttermilk in a delicious gravy, flavored with coconut,  curry leaves. Pulissery is a must-try during summers.

4. Hyderabadi Baingan

Little brinjals are shallow-fried in spices and then cooked in a delicious gravy made with peanuts and sesame seeds. Hyderabadi baingan is the best unique way to prepare amazing brinjal.

5. Khatte Baingan

 Khatte baingan is a Kashmiri vegetarian preparation that is prepared by deep-frying and then cooking it in a unique mix of spices. If you’re bored of preparing baingan best bharta, then this will give you a delicious break.

6. Dahi Aur Bhindi

Today I will tell you a Great Dahi Bhindi Recipe you can easily make this recipe at home. I am going to discuss Dahi Aur Bhindi recipe in a step by step fully detail. Read the article at the end and after that, you will able to make Dahi Bhindi Recipe at home very easily.

Dahi Bhindi Recipe is a very quick curry recipe prepared with curd which brings in the silky and smooth texture to the curry. Okra absorbs the tasty curd gravy and becomes juicy. Dahi bhindi is most famous in Hyderabad and called as Hyderabadi Dahi Bhindi Recipe or Shahi Dahi bhindi masala or Vendakkai curry. Okras are low in calories and rich in vitamins, calcium, and magnesium hence an all healthy option for lunch/dinner menu.


Dahi Bhindi Recipe


Bhindi Bhaji Recipe




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