Rice, Mushroom, Spinach, Chick Pea & Goat Cheese “Risotto”


It’s very essential anyway tastes gourmet.  Definitely one you could serve to guests.  It resembles a risotto without the extra work and time of mixing it generally.

The goat cheddar is incorporated toward the end and mixed in to make the wealth of a risotto. We revered it. You could in like manner use whatever vegetables and beans you have available, and I’m sure this would taste likewise as incredible using ricotta cheddar. I’ll be endeavoring that next.


Serves 2-3 people


1 glass dull shaded rice

10-15 mushrooms (practically to your tendency), washed and cut

spinach, washed

1 glass cooked chick peas

goat cheddar

sea salt, to taste

dull pepper, to taste

red bean stew pepper pieces, to taste

2 tsp extra virgin olive oil


Cook rice as demonstrated by package.

Warmth oil in a burn holder, by then incorporate the mushrooms, salt, pepper and bean stew flakes.  Let mushrooms cook over medium warmth until tender.  Add in spinach and chick peas just until the point that spinach shrinks and chick peas are warm.

Serve the mushroom mix over the rice.  Add goat cheddar and combine until the moment that needed wealth has been reached.  Enjoy!

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