Prawn Kebab Recipe

Prawn Kebab Recipe

Today I will tell you a Great Prawn Kebab Recipe you can easily make this recipe at home. I am going to discuss Prawn Kebab Recipe in a step by step full detail. Read the article at the end and after that, you will able to make Prawn Kebab Recipe at home very easily.

I actually test this Prawn Kebab Recipe at home, you can,t believe that it is very delicious and tasty. Let,s go together and Prawn Kebab Recipe  Minestrone in your home. I am telling you all about Prawn Kebab Recipe full ingredients and Method. I am sure that Prawn Kebab Recipe increases your love with your family and relation.

Prawn Kebab Recipe, cooking cockets and rice grilled coconuts from Halha Pumpkin are also prepared to make rice citrus rice with rice made rice. Also, there are some types of cukes that are very unique, such as crocodiles, Cereal powder is added to the fried potatoes or sugar cream filtration.

Various types of Prawn Kebab Recipe available in the supermarket and ready-made food department stores. There are also stores that have a special place regarding freshly Prawn Kebab Recipe.

Components (for four people)


  • Shout 8 numbers (100 grams) Let the shrimp keep stuck on the fish but remove the head.
  • Onion 80 grams
  • Button mushroom 4th number
  • Butter 30 grams
  • Mummy. 40 grams
  • Milk. 300 ml
  • Egg Number 1
  • Maida and double bread chopper to lay the outer surface of the cabbage
  • Salt and pepper
  • Edible oil to grow


Put the butter in one hundred and fifty pans and let it be filled with finely chopped onions. After removing the hard ends of the mushroom dentists, cut them tight and stir up on the onion until they become soft. Remove the juice pan from the oven and mix it well with the mixture. Add one-third of the milk and then restart the pan. Slowly add remaining milk. To keep the mixture from burning, keep stirring from the wooden spoon and scratch the surface of the pan. Wake up the horoscope from four to five minutes to remove the thickness of white soup while grinding it back to the pan. Add salt and pepper to the straw.

Clean the inner vein of the snakefish, take the peak and remove the tail part. Cut them in a cm length and apply salt and pepper. Eat snacks of shrimp soaked in vegetable oil so that their colors are mixed. Put them in the white soup. Now add it to the eggs right now and spread it into a tray. Shape 10 cm wide and 20 cm long as a rectangle. To save the juice from being dry, cover the tray with plastic. Let’s cool for some time and then refrigerate for two hours to tighten.

Divide this mixture into 12 pieces. Give these pieces a shape of 5 cm long and two cm diameter. Taste the rolls well and tear it off with a handful of hand. Now roll the eggs in the whisked whit and apply a double bread of them. Warm up the edible oil at 175 cm and at a time, many cucumber cubes grow deep oil for thirty seconds. Do not mix them all together, otherwise, the oil temperature will decrease.

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