Mini Bella Mushrooms, Leek & Farro One Pot Pilaf

Smaller than normal Bella Mushrooms, Leek and Farro One Pot Pilaf

Aren’t the cut up leeks blended with the smaller than normal Bella mushrooms so beautiful? I simply needed to snap a photo.

Having leeks remaining from the broccoli leek soup I made before the end of last week, I expected to discover another supper to utilize it in. This is a wind on my black-peered toward pea farro casserole that I made some time ago. The leek and small scale Bella mushrooms, alongside some remaining natively constructed pizza sauce made a superbly enhanced stock in which the farro and dark peered toward peas stewed in. I likewise included a touch of almond drain to give it only a slight richness.

Smaller than expected Bella Mushrooms, Leek and Farro One Pot Pilaf


1 leek, simply the white and light green parts, washed extremely well and slashed

~ 15 smaller than expected Bella mushrooms (or some other mushrooms you like, cremini would do pleasantly here too)

1 container Farro (or rice, grain or other grain)

1 3/4 water blended with ~ 1/4 container pizza sauce (could likewise utilize some bumped squashed tomatoes and include some basil and garlic clove)

1/2 glass almond drain

1 tsp olive oil

Ocean salt to taste

Crisply ground dark pepper to taste

Super hot bean stew chips to taste

1/2 glass dried dark looked at peas (or some other bean)


Add the dried peas to cool water in a secured saucepan.  Let drench medium-term or for around 8 hours.

Include the leeks, with a dash of salt, pepper and bean stew pieces.

Following several minutes, gather the mushrooms and farro.  Mix into a single unit and let cook for another couple minutes.

Include the tomato/pizza/water sauce, almond drain and dark peered toward peas.  Stir and raise warmth to high and let reach boiling point

When bubbling, turn down warmth and let stew for around 30 minutes until the peas and farro have mellowed and the majority of the fluid has been ingested.

You could include parmesan cheddar top and would be incredible with a side of greens (plate of mixed greens, swiss chard, rapini).  We had this with steamed carrots just like all I found in the ice chest… uh oh!

We headed out to see the motion picture Hanna the previous evening without thinking a lot about it. It was very great. Cherished parts of the soundtrack in it – with the exception of some dreadful bits. Will add some of them to my iPod for my runs!

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