How to Make Vegetable Tempura​

How to Make Vegetable Tempura

As the seventh century, the Tamil dish was very popular. They were offered at the stalls and the common people liked it very much. For a long time, people have been keen on the dishes of the vegetable dishes of the season. In particular, the mountainous vegetable made of spring vegetables is very popular in which the elements used from the mountains and fields are used.

The tasty vegetable is tasty and it is not easy to eat. But if you move them in a Tamampur style, their aroma is wonderful, and with this aroma, this prepared dish feels you the advent of Spring.

In May people enjoy Yasai Nine Tempura. It is a type of temporary that only vegetables are used because the hoppy flavor and fresh ingredients are available. In this recipe, we will use carrots, onions, green sparrows branches, and potatoes to make Timampur.


To make a tempura mix

  • Egg Half (scattered)

  • Cold water. 200 ml

  • Mummy. 150 grams


  • Carrot A number
  • Sparagus branches. 4th number
  • Potatoes. Number 2
  • Onion Half (100 grams)
  • Oil in about 5 cm height in one vessel
  • A little bit dry
  • lime. A number
  • Add A little salt


Peel the carrot and peel the upper end. Now cut it in five cm too long pieces. Now cut each piece in five mm thickness killings and cut five mm wide in pieces. Thus the carrots will be five centimeters long and five cm square pieces.

Peel the lower ends of the asparagus and cut it in five cm long pieces.
Take potato peel and remove all types of herbs available on them. Now 8 mm thick in pieces and turn away in the water.

Cut the roots on the peel and peel on the same side as well as 5 mm thick.

Cut the lime used as a flavor in 8 pieces.

Then prepare the mixture. Add flour and too cool water mixed in a pot and mix it again.

Sprinkle a little bit on the vegetables. Almost one meal spoon maida spreads on a paper and with a handful of hand, pour it on the vegetable. Before drying potatoes, dry their water well.

Heat the oil up to 160 degrees. Make a drop of mixture in oil. If the mixture is sown in oil but immediately comes to the oil level, then understand that the oil is hot to 160 degrees.

First, apply potato pieces. Mix well on pieces and stretch for 3 to 4 minutes. Take Asparagus as well.

When the vegetables come to the surface and almost any bubbles on the oil level are almost over, take the vegetables above the oil and let them go out well. Then take them out of the floor panel.

Take on a mixture. Now collect a mixture of the oil mixture in a large spoon and pour it slowly into 160-degree hot oil. Then, with the help of chop steak, lighten the middle part of the onions.

When a mixture is relatively solid condition and becomes a form of shape, flip it. When the bubbles are disappeared from the surface and the onions come up, take them over the oil and let them go out well. Then take them out of the floor panel. Take the carrot pieces as well.

Take the newly moved Temapur into a plate. Now eat and drink salt and lime on them.

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