How to Make Rice Cakes At Home

How to Make Rice Cakes At Home

I actually test this How to Make Rice Cakes At Home, you can,t believe that it is very delicious and tasty. Let,s go together and How to Make Rice Cakes At Home Minestrone in your home. I am telling you all about How to Make Rice Cakes At Home full ingredients and Method. I am sure that How to Make Rice Cakes At Home increases your love with your family and relation.
This cake is suitable for a wide variety of cats, in which friends are associated with their own food and enjoy it. Using Roofing Decoration, Rice is found in the template using a fancy cake shape. 

Components (for four people)


  • Components for a coconut cake

  • Rice 300 Grams

  • Water 400mm Litter

  • (Cooking small gourmet rice)

  • Vinegar 3 dining spoon

  • Sugar 2 Meat Spoon

  • Salt a teaspoon
  • 4 Dry dry mushrooms

  • Sugar 1 dining spoon

  • Soy sauce 1 and 3/1 meal spoon (or 20 grams)

  • Carrot 2/1 (or 70 grams)

  • Sugar 1 teaspoon

  • Salt 4/1 teaspoon

  • Egg number 1

  • Cold four numbers

  • 4 Slice Soomro Salmon

  • White Mole 2 Tea Spoon

  • Customization mode

  • Custom salt

  • And custom oil


Spread cooked rice in a large bowl. Mix sugar and salt in the vinegar and prepare syrup to mix them in sushi. Rotate the circle over the rice and rotate in a circle. Creating a hand wing, get the level of rice up until all the steam ends. Mix one third Sushi Rice and mix white mesh in it.

Take out dry mushrooms in the water, remove the dentile and cut the upper part in a thin slice. Insert 300 ml of water in a mushroom slice pot and boil the bottle with a bottle. Cook boiling for 15 minutes when boiling. Cook without adding soy sauce and sugar until all the water is dry.
Cut carrots in 3 cm long and 2 mm wide stripes. Boil 200 ml water boilers and carrot strips for boiling for 5 minutes in the vessel. Boil sugar and salt for more than 5 minutes. Shake the toxics and carrot strips to shut down the stove and cool them, thus the taste will absorb.
Add a silver salt to the top of the candle so that it may end. Boil salt flavored for 1 minute. After cooling in cold water, cut the dentil and slice the flies into slices.

Break the egg in a bowl, grind a plate with a mixture of salt. Fry pan and heat a little bit of oil and oil. Make sure the temperature of the frying pan is absolutely fine, mix the egg mixture, rotate around it, and cook it on a light strain.

When it is cooked then turn off the stove and turn off the curry. When cooked, on the other hand, cut the curry in 4 cm wide, put the stripes on each other and cut it on 4 cm long barracks.

Prepare a cake tin of 16 to 18 cm volume and cut the card into a round, which fit in the tin, put in the plastic rap tin, spread half white soybean rice in the tin’s milk, then squeezed over the rice. Put sliced slices of sauce, then the rest of the remaining white rice, then sliced carrot slices and endangered rice.


It is important to remember that every layer of rice is supplied well with the wrapped around cardboard in the plastic wrap.

Cut half the slices of the Islamic Salmon in length and wrapped each piece around the stick and give them a shape of a rose. Remove the stick stack when it becomes correct. Put a small Maine in a small plastic bag, turn off the mouth from the rubber band.

While taking the party, keep the sushi cake inside the tin. Take a cord with a rod of eggs, eggplants and skimmed salmon.
At the party, take a ton of soybean cake and put it on the plate. Spread the eggs on the cake. Cut the min usage bag 5 mm from a corner and squeeze it out and circle the edges above the cake. Keep the candy on a minion and decorate the roses made of salmon.

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