Healthy Vegetarian Salad

Healthy Vegetarian Salad

Salad dressing is used for flavor in lightly fried vegetables. It can also be put in fried rice. In addition to this, it can also be used as a spice made of spices to make a damaged chicken. It’s a great idea. This dressing can save in the refrigerator for almost 3 or 4 days. You can prepare it in a large quantity and put it in a compartment so that it is available immediately. It is only to do that before the use of this salad, the hostel must be well-equipped so that all the components get mixed. Apart from soy juice, the meat paste can also be put in salads.

Components (for four people)


Salad leaves: 2 numbers
Large size slices, diagonal: 80 grams
Carrot: 20 grams
Small, thin gray: A number
Sheet leaves: 4 numbers (if it is not available instead of a little bitterness ginger)
Canned fish: 80 grams
And add Canned corn gram: 40 grams

For dressing

Soy juice: A dyeing spoon
Rice vinegar: half dining spoon
Chinese: a teaspoon
Edible oil: A dyeing spoon
Salt: a quarter of a teaspoon
Onions: 10 grams


First, dress up. Put soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, edible oil, and salt in a small vessel and shake it well with a spoon. Peel onion, remove the hard part and cut it in four pieces. Then dig a piece of onion. Mix dried spoon onions in this dressing.


In a vessel wash the vegetables as per the requirement of water. Cut sliced leaves in three to four cm long pieces. Eagle on the angle that becomes 5 cm long pieces. Take five centimeters of Daikon round piece. Now cut it in a thick layer of length. Keep these layers on each other. Starting on the edge, Julian cut into style straps. The carrots of the carrot also cut the jelly strips in the same sense. Cut a round piece of carrot five cm. Peel it and cut off pieces in length. Put the carrot layers on each other and cut it on a barrel. Since the carrot is tough, therefore, it is relatively good compared to more.


Remove the from twenty leaves in half to length. Keep these pieces on one another and start the edge and cut two mm round bangles. Instead of sugar, let all the prepared vegetables bathed in cool water for five minutes so that they fall down. Then dry it in the sieve.


Take out some water and dry it. And remove the tuna on a paper so that its oil absorb into the paper. Pill the prepared vegetables on a large plate. Then put corn and tuna fish on it and scatter the leaves of cheese. Before presenting, dress up the dressing once again and put it on the salad with a spoon.

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