Cool soup

Cool soup

June is a month of rain. Temperature increases and moisture increases in the air. The result is that many people end up eating nutrition. The flavored soup consists of different ingredients and is presented on the cooked rice. It has been a favorite to counter the effects of heat. Today we are making a soup which will include fish and tofu pieces. In addition, the citrus, ginger, and molecule will be used for decoration.

Components (for four people)


  • Fish. A number (120 grams)
  • Half tobacco. (150 grams)
  • A little salt
  • Cooking oil A teaspoon
  • White sesame. 2 meal spoon
  • Meat paste 3.3 1/2 meal spoon (50 grams)
  • Hot water. 500 ml
  • cucumber. A number
  • Ginger. 15 grams
  • Rice. 300 grams
  • Water. 400 ml


Put the fish on the cutting edge. When you start cutting the fish head and cutting with a sharp knife, turn the chestnuts to the head.

Insert the knife inside the bottom of the fish belly and fully open it. And fully clean your fish with the help of your fingers. Wash the stomach and the outer part of the fish so that the blood and the intestines are totally cleaned. Dry the fish with a paper soft towel carefully and sprinkle a little bit on both sides.

Heat a frying pan and oil it. When the oil is spread on the pan level, place the fish on the one side. Now cover it from the bottle and grind it for three – minutes or five – minutes, even this light brown.

Now flip it to the other side and cover it with the cap. It will be brown for more than 7 minutes or 10 minutes to get it full.

Remove the fruit from a plate and remove its fork. To open the fish full of the part where you had cleaned the intestines by cutting your knife inside, put the knife inside and paste the stomach of the fish. The last cubit of the large vessel in the length, catch the fish head and pick it up and remove it. Also, clean the other small thorns and rigid beers.


Take out all the top of the fish and traverse it. But not too bad. There is no need to move fish.

Bring the white mole to the oven. Put the mole in a vessel and put it in the center. When the vessel becomes hot, light the tear and shake it with a spoon. Put the bananas in a horn of sugar in the cucumber of the cucumber. Do not need to grind all the tiles. Instead of grinding them, keep half past.
Keep small pieces of fish, including skins and grind them into the greenhouse.

More money by adding meat powder. Now divide 500 ml of water in a big pot and turn it into two pieces and slim it. Cool the soup in the refrigerator.

Cut the tobacco block into three equal parts and pour hot water for a minute. Now let him get cooled out in a sink. Make Tippu with your fingers and make a small piece of cm.

Make a round knit in a thickness of the diameter. Take the ginger strap and cut a piece of pieces in length.

Take out cold soup out of the refrigerator. Tap it. Before presenting, add pieces of ginger and ginger as decorations. To offer a one-person, ie, to a person, half of the cup filled with cooked rice, it will provide a good amount of cold soup with full soup.

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