Cooking Tips Fabulous Fruit


  • When choosing an apple, look for firm and smooth skin.
  • Store at room temperature for only a few days, otherwise store in a
    perforated plastic bag in the fruit crisper in your refrigerator.
  • Braeburn are firm and crisp. Ideal for baking or making sauce.
    Cameo are sweet and ideal for pies.
  • Fuji are crisp and sweet. Good for baking or in salads.
  • Golden Delicious are a great eating apple and can be used for baking.
  • Granny Smith are green crisp and tart. They are good for eating or baking
    Jazz are nice for salads.
  • Macintosh apples are red and yellow and are good for baking pies and
  • Pacific Queen are sweet and crisp. Great for salads.
  • Red Delicious are red and are good to eat, but not bake with.


Always store on the counter top, never in the refrigerator
If bananas turn brown, peel and place in a zip lock bag and freeze. This
will make a good banana cake or bread someday (just thaw before
using and use all the contents even though it’s a little watery).


  • Store in refrigerator 2-3 days.
  • Rinse just before using as moisture will cause them to decay.
  • Boysenberry- Large Blackberry, a cross between a blackberry and
    Loganberry. Makes great jam.
  • Strawberry – Peak season June – September
  • Blackberries – Peak season June – August
  • Blueberries – Peak season June-August


Refrigerate after purchasing them
Remove the pits and stems before eating or baking them


  • Refrigerate in a plastic bag.
  • Wash before eating.
  • Green Seedless Grapes are light and sweet.
  • Globe Grapes are large and sweet, but have seeds
  • Concord Grapes are sour and have seeds. They make great jam.
  • Champagne Grapes are tiny sweet clusters.


  • Store at room temperature until ripe, then refrigerate up to 2 weeks
  • Key Limes are smaller than common limes.


  • They are juiciest at room temperature.
    paper bag for a day or two.


  • Plums can range in color from red to purple to gold.
  • They can be sweet or tart
  • Refrigerate only when they are ripe

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