Cooking Tips Dairy


  • Always use real butter, never margarine when cooking or baking. Butter has moreflavor, better for you and it does not make your food watery.


  • Always buy large or extra-large. This is the standard used in most recipes.
  • Shelf life is about 30 days.


  • Swiss – great for sandwiches
  • Cheddar – great for snacks
  • Colby, Monterey Jack – great for Mexican dishes
  • American – great for toast cheese sandwiches
  • Brie – melt it in the oven and serve with French bread and fruit for a nice appetizer
  • Parmesan – sharp flavor, firm, grate it over pasta
  • Mozzarella – mild tasting, great for pizza because of it’s melting qualities
  • Provolone – melt it on a sandwich
  • Blue Cheese and Gorgonzola – use it in salads
  • Feta – use it in salads or gyros
  • Goat Cheese – Broil it and place it on a salad
  • Romano- tangy and robust flavor, firm, grate it over pasta

Milk and Cream

  • Half and Half – used in coffee and to make pudding or Crème Brule
  • Heavy Cream – used in cooking and ice cream
  • Whipping Cream – whip with a cold mixer, add sugar to make whip cream

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