Cooking Tips All about Veggies

Cooking Tips All about Veggies


  • Spring is the best time of year to find the tenderest stalks.
  • The smaller the stalk, the more tender it will be.
  • Store upright in 1 inch of water for only a few days.
  • Great steamed
  • Trim the ends that are tough – bend one stalk and where it snaps
    is where the tough end begins. Lay it down beside the other
    stalks and cut the ends off.


  • Great steamed and served with a cheese sauce


  • A cross between broccoli and Chinese kale.
  • Steam or sauté.
  • Buy bright green stalks and closed buds.



  • Select a small-medium sized eggplant to avoid bitterness
  • Choose one that is shiny and firm
  • Use within 2-3 days of purchase
  • Store at room temperature or cool place, do not refrigerate


  • Celery-like stalks with feathery leaves and a white bulb.
  • Sweet tasting, used in stews, soups, and salads.
  • Select one that is firm, fragrant and rounded bulbs.


  • Always buy fresh garlic that is firm and not “sprouting”.
  • Sprouting will make your garlic bitter.
  • The smaller you chop the garlic, the more essential oils are
  • released and the stronger the flavor.
  • Store garlic in a dry, cool place.

Green Beans

  • Choose ones that snap
  • Refrigerate tightly wrapped for 1-5 days

Lettuce and Greens

  • Bok Choy – Crisp, can be stir-fried, steamed or braised. Look for
    crisp stalks and bright green leaves.
  • Head lettuce will last longer but have less taste
  • Swiss Chard – Leafy, ruby-stalked has a spinach flavor.
  • Wilt leaf and stalk before serving.


  • Cremini – Deep earthy flavor, firm and robust. Roast, sauté or
    broil. Great with beef.
  • Enoki- Sweet, light, crunchy. Use raw on salads or soups.
  • King Oyster – flavor is mild, flesh firm
  • Oyster – Delicate, mild and oyster-like flavor. Meaty texture. Saute.
  • Maitake – Rich, woody taste with firm texture. Use in rice dishes.
  • Portobello – Meat like flavor and texture. Great grilled, roasted or
    substituted for meat.
  • Shitake – Rich, earthy flavor with a meaty texture. Add to soups,
    pasta or stir-frys.
  • White Button – Light, earthy taste. Firm. Can be used raw, stuffed,
    grilled or sauteed.


  • Red – use in salads
  • Vidalia – grill or sauté, they are sweet and caramelize
  • when cooked
  • Yellow – all-purpose
  • Spanish or White – use in Mexican dishes or pasta
  • salads


  • Russet potatoes are for baked potatoes, French Fries,
    mashed potatoes
  • Red potatoes are for roasting, potato salad, boiled or
    buttered potatoes
  • Yukon yellow potatoes are for potato salad, hash
    browns, boiled or buttered potatoes, grilled or roasted
  • Yams and Sweet potatoes are well baked, boiled and


  • To half a squash, cut the ends off first, then once one a flat
    surface cut in half.


  • Beef Steak – Mild and juicy. Slice and use on sandwiches.
  • Cherry – Sweet. Use in salads or on kabobs.
  • Heirloom – Very flavorful. Slice for sandwiches or salads.
  • Hot House – Firm flesh with a spicy aroma. Use for salads and
  • Plum – Use in salads or to make the sauce. High in pulp, not juice.
  • Vine Ripened -Firm flesh with a spicy aroma. Use for salads and
  • Yellow Teardrop – Sweet. Add to salads or sauces.
    Cooking Tips Grill veggies by brushing  lightly with olive oil and  grill until tender

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