Chicken Shish Kebab Recipe

Chicken Shish Kebab Recipe

Today I will tell you a Great Chicken Shish Kebab Recipe you can easily make this recipe at home. I am going to discuss Fry Chicken Shish Kebab Recipe in a step by step full detail. Read the article at the end and after that, you will able to make Fry Chicken Shish Kebab Recipe at home very easily.

I actually test this Chicken Shish Kebab Recipe at home, you can,t believe that it is very delicious and tasty. Let,s go together and Chicken Shish Kebab Recipe  Minestrone in your home. I am telling you all about Chicken Shish Kebab Recipe full ingredients and Method. I am sure that the Chicken Shish Kebab Recipe increases your love with your family and relation.

Components (for four people)


  • League Money and Welsh onions
  • 250 lbs of chicken
  • A little salt
  • Add A bit of meal oil
  • 200 grams of honey
  • Chili Peppers
  • Two teaspoon flour
  • A dining spoon 
  • One third teaspoon salt 
  • A number onion whose thickness is at least one cm (common onion can be used when Welsh onion is not available)
  • Wheat onions piece of eight cm (base gram) (common onion can be used if the onion is not available)
    Ginger half-piece (approximately two cm size)

For top-level Sauce

  • Three Meat Spoon Soy Sauce
  • Three meal spoon sugar
  • A dining spoon


Mix the ingredients of a sauce in a small pan. Boil these ingredients to medium trenches. Then lightly tear them and cook them for one to two minutes until they are thick. Let them cool later.

For Nigma, Welsh cut pieces of approximately two cm length and roll them into a meal oil. After cutting the chicken into a cm thickness piece, make two to three cm pieces. After applying a piece of Welsh onions in the bottom, prostrate a piece of chicken. Repeat this process, propose two to three pieces of Welsh onion and two to three pieces of chicken. Spray the salt on both sides of it.

To satisfy, put the chicken gourd in a bowl and fix salt and pepper in it. After that, mix the meat until the meat becomes sticky. Finally, put water in it. Make a lot of pieces of Welsh onion and ginger mixed with mixture. Make a couple of cm size shaped by this mixture. After boiling water boiled water for four to five minutes, remove excess water from them. Take three to four hours in each lemon

Warm the rack made of wires on the gas flame. Put the syrups on the rack on this rack. When fried from one side, change its turn and cook it on the other side. Poultry should be cooked fully and the color of the graves should be golden brown. Take them out of the rack and put them in the plate and put them on the juice.

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