Cherry Blossoms and Banana Bread Muffins

Cherry Blossoms and Banana Bread Muffins

As an early birthday surprise, Ian took me to see the cherry blossom trees at High Park last Thursday. They were absolutely beautiful. I was amazed that we had never come to see these before or really knew that they were here. It was almost as good as being in Japan to see these gorgeous blossoms. They were magical, and I loved when the wind would blow a little and the precious petals would fall off the tree making it look like a blizzard.

Many other trees were starting to bloom as in the pic above (the bottom-left) the yellow-green leaves looked like a firework explosion from afar.  It was beautiful.

The night before, Ian whipped up a batch of banana bread muffins to take with us.  They were so good, that I thought I would share them.  We also made a stop at Second Cup before getting to the park for our morning tea and coffee.

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