Causes of Impotence in Men – Erectile Dysfunction 2

It is possible to control the man to a large extent in the muscles of his hand and fingers, as he can still control his words and move his tongue … But to a large extent can not control the degree of erection and sexual desire if the man wanted his wife and sought to seek him to achieve a successful sexual encounter while She asked him to meet and he is uninterested and concerned and preoccupied to fall in his hand and fear and fear and helplessness because it is not required things and Talammer and can not get the magician out of his pocket when necessary.

We also want to focus on the basis of sexual impotence in men in their inability to meet emotionally and preoccupied with more than one thing (this is almost a common denominator in all cases the inability to get erections in men) so the observation of the man himself, obsession and obsessions, His wife and her condition, the acute preoccupation with the extent of his competence and ability: leads to utter sexual failure, and constitute a total untouched interaction with his sexual fervor and sincerity without any interference.


First, it is necessary to distinguish between the causes of man’s preparation for stress and psychological stress and his willingness to suffer from sexual impotence as a result of nervous stress.

Through all of the above, we see that sexual impotence is a physical obsession (dysfunction of the organs not in the organs themselves) that it is the physiological result of emotional emotion in the sense that physical reactions fail to lead to the correct erection when the man falls under the influence of psychological stress.

(Under the stress of severe stress conditions, all men are unable to have an erection) This is a known fact in situations that threaten the life of a person or when the man is sick or under the influence of sedative or when rejected by his wife and his words do not see any evidence of the ability of the sexual man but the man is not ready for injury Sexual impotence may have sex with his wife despite the stress and tired of pleasing her and fear for her feelings while falling men Almhaialp sexual dysfunction in the circle of failure in the first attempt to sexual unwanted.

Some men will ask themselves whether they will regain their strength in the next period or not. They say that they are suspicious and others will be sexually frustrated again, not because of the problem, but because the temporary problem may lead to a temporary disability. To a chronic problem.

The reasons for preparing for impotence and others are still not understood and may be due more to the genetic factors and the biological pattern from which the human being, and evidence of that is often similar cases in the same environment of one family.

Other physical mental states can be understood as a result of the interaction of the surrounding environmental pressure with organic factors, in other words that members of the body are working to be more sensitive and prone to injury.

In our view, those organic and susceptibility disorders are related to the development of psychosocial conditions, such as stomach ulcers, high blood pressure without apparent cause, thyroid disorders, etc. They are understood as a “human-specific reaction” “Based on this theory, we see the human since the young age increase his reactions when faced with the pressure of a certain psychological, the emergence of symptoms of organic special to it, the children of children and diarrhea and others suffer from headaches tension .. Etc .. This does not break between them and their mothers battle What about the lesson Or eating or order, for example. These reactions form the general pattern Develops a child ‘s progress with age and be the so – called public Balthaa physical disorders mental physical reactions are confined to the genital apparatus which is congested as a reaction to the tension without the influence of the other organs of the body.

Emotional sensitivity and emotional irritability

Emotional emotions are severe and inappropriate for a given event, as physical sensitivity (physiological) stress and psychological stress play a significant role in the formation of (impotence).

For example, if we look at a man who does not care about ordinary daily life problems and does not affect him and does not show him in the picture of his feelings that “sexual”, that is, his reaction to the harassment of daily life is negligent sexual feelings and his stature in the man very vulnerable to injury we find that any psychological or physical pressure It is the role of the therapist and the treatment of direct intervention to reduce the degree of susceptibility to sexual tension and inability to erect in the sense of increasing the degree of resistance to the body of psychological pressure and physical (of course, a successful natural sex increase The degree of the denominator His mother).

Thus, the primary goal of treatment is to define and modulate the factors that cause psychological reactions affecting the condition of the sexual patient. These factors related to stress are directly and currently as mentioned earlier

  •  Fear of failure
  • Pressure for sexual intercourse

The inability of the patient to give himself to practice. Sexual intercourse without any other concerns or thoughts are also the only factors that must be focused on the treatment, which will necessarily reduce the mental and practical burden on men, involving the wife in it and reduce the degree of demand and the need for sexual exercise under pressure, and encourage meeting with my feelings only when they are As a mutual desire between the couple.

On the other hand, the aim of the treatment is to solve the sources of psychological stress in the sense of relieving the patient of tension, anxiety and guilt when you have sex only because those negative emotions undermine the perception of the sensitive and responsible system of the process of erection.

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