Baby Growth & Development Month by Month

Child Growth and Development step by step

When we are out on the town Kaiden utilized a sippy container for two or three months, yet once he was more than 14 months we chose he required a greater young men glass – a straw glass. He wants to drink from a genuine glass, yet when you are out an advantageous, sealable container is required.Obviously, I had my criteria for the glass’ material: BPA, PVC, Phthalate, and Lead-Free. Most organizations nowadays will list that they are BPA free ideal on their bundle, however I needed to send an email to get some answers concerning the others. A few glasses that I investigated were not without lead, or couldn’t state for sure! I was additionally searching for something spill-evidence, if conceivable.

I had achievement finding a container that met the criteria, however it wound up being hard for Kaiden to open alone and spilt when it was flipped around or shaken like a maraca. Kaiden is extremely melodic and will endeavor to transform any item into a melodic instrument.At that point I discovered the thinkbaby brand while shopping for food and they appeared to meet the majority of my prerequisites. They recorded all that I was searching for appropriate on the crate!I cherish how straightforward they are about the item. I was additionally sufficiently fortunate to be sent one for Kaiden to experiment with and survey.

When we gave him this straw container he adored it!

Presently, I do realize his most loved nourishment shading is orange, so don’t know whether the top assists with his adoration for the container yet he would not put it down. It’s planned exceptionally well to fit pleasantly into the grasp of little hands. The container is likewise to a great degree simple for him to open, not at all like his past one where he would require me to encourage him.He additionally did his shake and topsy turvy test and no water turned out – on account of the cross cut on the tip of the straw. The drawback is that this container is more costly than other comparable glasses, however subsequent to seeing it being used I trust it is justified, despite all the trouble.

Little child Eats – 16 Months

I appreciate seeing what different little children are eating for thoughts, so thought I’d share what Kaiden eats on a run of the mill day. I intended to post this last Thursday and connection up with Munchkin Meals but that didn’t occur. It’s going on today! The last eats post was the point at which he was 8 months old and kid has a ton changed.He essentially encourages himself now with a spoon and fork. He is experiencing somewhat of a critical stage where he won’t eats entire beans or a few vegetables that he used to eat only a few months back. That is not an issue however, as it is anything but difficult to beat them down and add them to a spread for toast or blend them in with couscous.

He has a mouth loaded with teeth – 11 1/2 – so he has begun eating wraps and littler sandwiches. It’s a great deal of amusing to see him make the most of his sustenance, particularly something new to him!Alright, back to this specific day a week ago. Each morning he has a bowl of oats (1/2 serving of the iron-braced blended grain oat and 3 tbsp of our cereal). At that point he has 1 tbsp of yogurt with some cut up organic product – mango on this day. We attempt and offer him some drain with breakfast, yet quite often cannot!

This will typically hold him until noon around 11:15ish. On the off chance that he gets eager in the middle of, a pocket, some dried natural product or natural organic product roll-ups prove to be useful.Lunch comprised of Smashed Egg Couscous Balls, some blended vegetables as an afterthought and a banana. The little man cherishes his bananas. He will regularly have some drain after his lunch too.Kaiden goes for a rest soon after 12 and for the most part dozes for about 1.5 – 2 hours. At 3, he typically has yogurt with defrosted raspberries, yet we were out on the town that day so he had a helpful pocket for a tidbit. He is cherishing the Kale, Peas and Pear pouch by Love Child Organics.For supper, we as a whole regularly eat a similar dinner. This was a speedy supper as we were out, so we put together a few macaroni and cheddar with peas, kale and tofu 3D squares with strawberry for sweet.

What are your little ones eating? I would love more thoughts!!!!

Astounding Looking Recipe

I saw this astounding looking recipe for a skillet lasagna a week ago that I truly needed to attempt. I had never at any point known about making a lasagna in a skillet and it sounded fascinating. That and my young men love pasta and cheddar. So what could be superior to Sunday supper lasagna? Lasagna joined with natively constructed noodles, that is the thing that!I chose to up the sustenance factor in my noodles by including a measure of intensity greens (infant spinach/kale/chard blend) alongside some ground flax seeds. I brought in some assistance to reveal the batter. Kaiden wants to help in the kitchen, so we had all hands on deck.

I’ve given my pasta formula beneath. I pursued the skillet lasagna formula with a few changes: no onion, 1 tbsp olive oil rather than 2, no spinach since I had it in my noodles, 2 garlic cloves rather than 4, included 1 cut up zucchini, utilized just 1/some entire drain, natural curds rather than ricotta and ground marble cheddar over lasagna. Kaiden making the most of his lasagna and getting the opportunity to utilize his blade out of the blue, despite the fact that Daddy did the cutting.

Custom made Power Greens, Flax, Spelt and Whole Wheat Pasta


1/2 container entire wheat flour

1/2 container Spelt flour

1 container control green leaves, pureed in a sustenance processor (or child spinach; we purchased a sack of natural power greens – blended infant kale, spinach and chard from Costco)

1 tbsp olive oil (discretionary)

~1/4 glass water (or more until the point that ideal consistency is come to)

squeeze of ocean salt


.Include the greens and blend. Pour in the olive oil (on the off chance that utilizing) and, the water. Combine until the point when mixture meets up pleasantly into a ball shape and work. Place on a cutting load up, cover and let rest for ~ 15 minutes on the off chance that you have room schedule-wise. Take off as thin as you can and cut into lasagna noodles. I utilized 5 noodles for the skillet lasagna and made whatever remains of the batter into spaghetti. Place noodles on the back of a seat to dry for a bit. At that point add to bubbling water for 6-7 minutes or to your enjoying. Appreciate! Next time, I figure I will twofold the clump and stop a portion of the pasta by following these easy instructions.

Red Bean Dip

This previous end of the week we had nearly spring-like climate and exploited it with a few strolls and park time. Kaiden is as yet cherishing the swings and slides and strolling around on the way. I adore seeing my young men strolling together. It makes me feel good inside.

This weekend I concocted a clump of red kidney beans to use in a serving of mixed greens and chose to make a plunge/spread that would be Kaiden inviting. He is experiencing a stage where he has chosen he doesn’t care to eat entire beans. I don’t know whether it’s the surface or the skin on the beans, he just won’t do it. He will eat pounded beans on toast or blended into couscous balls. A brisk and tasty red bean plunge touches base to spare the day. Also, it’s sufficiently exquisite for mother and father as well! No enormous formula was required as it is excessively simple. Include cooked red beans into a sustenance processor with garlic powder, stew powder, a touch of olive oil, and a pinch of salt. Blend. Include water to disperse the plunge to your preferring. This meets up effectively and is to a great degree delectable. Attempt it spread on a bit of toast with cream cheddar underneath. Stunning.

April showers bring… adorable little child rain boots!

With March reaching an end, April showers are practically around the bend. This implies changing from winter boots to adorable sparkly rain boots. I was too energized when I was allowed the chance to experiment with the delightful new rain boots from Stonz!Kaiden has been utilizing his Stonz Booties all winter and they have kept his feet dry and warm as he has been investigating the snow-filled ground.

He wasn’t strolling a year ago as of now so he will get the chance to understanding out of the blue the enjoyment of hopping in puddles. I cherish that these boots are 100% elastic and are PVC, phthalate, lead, and without formaldehyde – every one of the things I pay special mind to when acquiring anything for my little man. Kaiden was exceptionally energized when the boots arrived and he got the chance to open them.

We ordered a size up so they are somewhat enormous for him however along these lines he can develop into them. They look and feel exceptionally well made and sufficiently adaptable for the development of little feet and legs.He walks somewhat entertaining in them as he has never had tall boots on, yet he truly loved them – he continued doing laps around the kitchen and family room. He was not awed when I attempted to take them off! Anticipating taking them for a spin jump once the rain starts!Scenes from our kitchen early Sunday morning. Kaiden’s first heating background and he adored it – would not like to fall off the seat when they were finished!

Crushed Egg Couscous Balls

I figured I would share a sound, fast and the best part is that little child affirmed lunch thought. Kaiden ate these with energy and completely needed more. He doesn’t generally like fried eggs yet cherishes when I make a spread of the eggs on bread or blended with couscous. This makes a too simple protein filled lunch which I presented with a side of blended vegetables.Smashed Egg Couscous Balls


1/4 container cooked couscous

1 hard-bubbled egg, crushed

avocado, to your preferring

dash of olive oil

dash of natural balsamic vinegar

squeeze of ocean salt

Consolidate the crushed egg, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt in a bowl and pound together with a fork. Ought to wind up somewhat velvety. Include the couscous and combine. Frame balls and enjoy!He’s simply as of late begun saying ‘mmmm’ when he’s preferring something and figuring out how to make a gesture of blowing kisses. Here he is making the most of his crushed egg couscous balls.

Hi Target

Our closest Target store opened today in Aurora, so Kaiden and I chose to look at it at the beginning of today.

The primary thing I saw was the means by which decent and smooth the new trucks moved! Extremely pleasant for me, yet my little man wasn’t too cheerful about the lean back edge of his seat. He began to curve his back inside a couple of minutes, endeavoring to get away.