Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks

Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks

As you know, we very love beauty products around here, and the other day, while walking around in the skincare section of a drugstore, an important question occurred to us: What the heck do we have to put on our skin to make it look young and feel it’s very best? With so numerous products to choose from, wouldn’t it be nice to know which ones are worth splurging on? So we decided to chat with beauty expert, Melanie Rud Chadwick, about what our anti-aging beauty routine should look like in every morning and every evening.

Spoiler alert! It’s way simpler than we expected.

Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks In the AM:

There are really only two things you need to do for your skin in every morning, so even if you are running late and crazed to get out the door, you can knock ’em out in no time. “A lot of people think you have to daily wash your face morning and evening,” says Melanie. “But you really don’t have to unless your skin is too oily. Just splash your face with fresh and cool water, and then apply an antioxidant serum and a good SPF sunblock.”

Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks Step one:

Apply a serum “Antioxidant serums light but concentrated, with active all ingredients that make them worth the splurge. You’re getting the lot of bang for your buck; you need to remember that it’s staying on your skin all day,” says Melanie. “Antioxidants like vitamin C help with hyperpigmentation (dark spots), work to stimulate collagen and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles. They also help fight damage caused by free radicals from environmental factors like sun exposure and pollution—which can be brutal on your beautiful skin.”

Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks Step two:

Sunscreen “You ALWAYS need to wear sunscreen, I can’t stress the significance of sunscreen enough,” says Melanie. “People think they need it when they go to the beach, but UVA/UVB rays are there all year. You’re exposed in your car it all adds up over time. So applying sunscreen is non-negotiable. If you do not safeguard your skin from sun exposure, any other anti-aging efforts you’re making are in vain.”

Melanie recommends finding a sunscreen you really like, very simply because it means that you’ll use it! When looking for a sunscreen, make sure it’s broad spectrum and is at least SPF 30. And be careful:  moisturizers with sunscreen have only SPF 15 and you need more coverage than that. problem Melanie sees: “People need to make sure they’re putting on enough. Apply the sunscreen evenly all your face, and make sure you get your beautiful ears and your beautiful neck too. You’re going to need to apply a quarter very size amount,” says Melanie. “If I have whatever left over I put it on my the backs of my hands!”

Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks In the PM:

The tremendous part about your evening routine is that you have a small more time, and once you get into the swing of things, it can become a very relaxing time to pamper yourself a little. “Your skin, like your body, works to replenish and repair itself overnight, so if you’re using good products, you can capitalize on the work that is already taking place,” says Melanie.

Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks Step one:

Wash your beautiful face. “You need to wash your face at the end of every each day. It removes all dirt, make-up,  that can clog pores,” says Melanie. “If you don’t start with a clear surface, any products you apply won’t be able to absorb properly. Don’t waste money buying expensive facial cleansers; you just need something you like that is going to clean your all skin. You’re necessary just washing it down the drain after a minute anyway! If you’re going to splurge, do it on products that will be staying on your face.”

Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks Step two:

Apply retinol. “Apply retinol. It’s the gold standard of anti-aging, it’s known to help prevent and treat fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots—and it does have preventative anti-aging effects. Use it as directed because it can be irritating to skin—and don’t use it when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding,” says Melanie. “If you can’t use a retinol product, look for other products with anti-aging ingredients like peptides and niacinamide or ask your dermatologist for a recommendation.”

Anti-Aging Tips and Tricks Step three:

Moisturize. “After applying retinol or any anti-aging treatment, you’ll want to moisturize. Moisturizer is another thing you don’t need to spend a ton of money on. You just need something that is hydrating. Sometimes the fancier moisturizers are heavily fragranced and can irritate your beautiful skin. And be thorough about applying it, because moisture does evaporate out of your skin,” says Melanie.

Some parting words of wisdom?

“At the end of the day, skincare can be as complicated as you want it to be,” says Melanie. “But it is very important to do the maintenance and get yourself into a very good routine. Find good and best products you like, and use them! You want something that is maintainable. Oh, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!”

What are your favorite and good anti-aging products? What keeps you looking fresh-faced? Are you good about taking the time to wash your face at every night or do you sometimes (like some of us around here!) let it slide? Let us know!

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